24 hour Quizoola!

A 24 hour edition
11.59pm 12 April - 11.59pm 13 April 2013
Barbican, London
Part of SPILL Festival of Performance

We're taking our trail-blazing durational performance Quizoola! to new lengths with a super-sized 24-hour version.
Performed by all 6 core members of the company this unique show mixes a game-like structure with improvisation to create an atmosphere full of live energy. Alternating pairs of performers sit in a circle of lights wearing smeared clown make-up and ask each other an avalanche of questions, as if taking part in some post-apocalyptic end of the pier show. Some questions are banal, others philosophical, some a matter of general knowledge and others deeply personal. As the performers invent the answers on the spot the mood shifts from intimate chat to pub quiz to police interrogation.
With 12 hour and 24 hour tickets available, the audience can come and go as they please over these periods, leaving for food and a perhaps a nap and returning to find where this inexorable game of Q&A has taken the performers and the audience. As the hours go by tiredness and hysteria begin to raise the stakes in this dark, hilarious and absurd game which sits somewhere between live art and performance.

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At the time of writing tickets for this performance are sold out. Do keep checking for returns but the good news is the performance will be webcast live so that you can watch it online over the entire 24 hours for free. Tune in here on the day.



Our usual 6 hour version of Quizoola! draws on 2000 questions created by Tim Etchells and the company but for this 24 hour version we're going to need a lot more so we're asking you to submit questions to be used in the show.

Quizoola! presently features many different kinds of questions – general knowledge, current affairs, philosophical, intimate or personal questions, interview questions. Find some example here. The questions range across pretty much all and any kinds of topics and sometimes make specific (and playfully incorrect) assumptions about the person being questioned.

Help us by submitting up to 10 questions for the 24 hour Quizoola!* We can't guarentee we'll use them all but we'll be sifting and selecting from the questions we get sent, adding them in to the great pile of text which is the starting point and the backbone for this delirious performance.

A bit of guidance:

Please don’t cut and paste questions from another source. We're keen to get your own questions – they can be inspired by existing genres or formats of questions but shouldn't be direct lifts.

We won't be able to use questions that are ridiculously long, incredibly obscene or offensive so bear this in mind when submitting your questions.

Send us your questions by emailing fe@forcedentertainment.com

*By submitting your questions your email address will be automatically added to the Forced Entertainment mailing list so we can keep you updated on the 24 hour Quizoola!

By sending Forced Entertainment these questions you testify that they are your own work. You give Forced Entertainment the right to use them in any way they wish across any media in perpetuity without recognition or credit.

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