#FE365 Krissi Musiol

POSTED 03.10.2014

The sound of Terry’s voice captured us.
The way Love Lane rolled off her tongue into the microphone like red wine.
For many years after, when doing a sound check into the microphone, we would recount half-remembered-part-made-up street names and locations, imitating her seductive drawl.

When I saw The Travels, I wasn’t sure whether their journeys had actually taken place or whether the performers had just imagined that they had.
I was 19 and had not yet been on any of my own real adventures, only the imagined.
It was 2002 and my world was very small.
In Lancaster, Forced Entertainment unfolded their maps onto Over Head Projectors – the days before maps on our iPhones guided us when we were lost.

From The Nuffield Theatre, we travelled with them to the locations they presented, places we had never been – but every now and again, someone in the audience would turn around in the seating bank and confirm that “yes, there was a Knife Alley in Hull” or that “everyone from Liverpool knew Mundane Street”.

And then we’re travelling North to Edinburgh.  Unfolding maps. It’s 2004.
We’re driving round in circles, lost.
We recalled their voices, their tones, Terry’s voice pours back into the microphone, reading out the street names as we pass
Falcon Road, Eden Lane, Pilrig Glebe…
And then later when our travels took us South, to Bracknell, to Flour Avenue and Bakewell Street, to new stories and new adventures.  J unable to sleep through the night, W dreaming about…We were travelling together through the present, unsure of the future.

All those places we hadn’t yet been.
Places we never knew existed.
Places tinged with too much memory.
Places where we’d gotten our hearts broken.
Or secret places we didn’t tell anyone about, places which only we could visit.
Places written in tiny letters on post-it notes and secretly passed to each other.
Places scrawled onto postcards, pushed into empty glass bottles and thrown into the sea.
Places which we thought meant something.
Places we only visited in our imagination.
Places written down in languages we had never learnt.
Places we went to try to make ourselves feel better.
Places we tried to forget.

Krissi Musiol
Artist & Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre & Performance at UCLan.