30 Year Performance – Limited Edition Print

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30 Year Performance (2014) by Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells drawing 30 Year Performance presents an in impossible score in the form of a timeline from 1984-2014. Correctly following the instructions or prompts on the timeline would, according to Etchells, allow the complete recreation of Forced Entertainment’s 30 year oeuvre to-date. Mixing the reality of the group’s lives in instructions or scenes indicated such as ‘Sheffield’ and ‘M1′ with fragments from performances “Tomato Ketchup Bloodbath” or “Skeleton Dances” Etchells’ complex diagram also indicates the inclusion of very specific characters and incidents from the last 30 years, from Thatcher and Blair to the invention of the internet.

With a nod to Etchells’ Vacuum Days and to Forced Entertainment performances such as Dirty Work and Tomorrow’s Parties, 30 Year Performance is a drawing that maps the past at the same time as proposing a bold course of imaginary action/re-enactment in the present. This is a limited edition of 30 plus two APs.

Archival Inkjet
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
Dimensions (unframed): 297 x 420 mm
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