The Broken World (Hardback)

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“….an exhilarating and poignant tale of love, loss and computer games that ought to make the leap from “cult classic” to” popular success…..It is a book of big ideas, cunningly delivered through a slacker’s shrug.”
Stuart Kelly writing in Scotland on Sunday

Funny and unsettling, with a gripping narrative and a twisted post-Internet linguistic spin, The Broken World interweaves the everyday and the fantastical, the actual and the virtual to create a unique portrait of our lives – lived both in the ‘real world’ and via the computer screen. Day in and day out, the book’s narrator is preoccupied with The Broken World – an engrossing, genre-hopping and possibly addictive adventure that takes players from town to town as they fight zombies, agents, puzzles, robots and negotiate a veritable maze of puzzles and mysteries.

As the walkthrough consumes more and more of the narrator’s time, his life is slowly coming apart at the seams: the pizza job is starting to get shaky, the best friend is acting weird and, the live-in girlfriend Tory – who happens to pay more than half the rent – is becoming increasingly restless. Meanwhile, deep in the alternate dimensions of The Broken World, in a landscape of deserts, sprawling cities, space stations and fragmented war zones, things are getting very, very strange indeed.

First Edition Hardback
By Tim Etchells
Published in 2008 by William Heinemann
ISBN 978-0-434-01833-8