#1000th LIVE: Round-Up

On March 22nd 2014 we staged the second live stream of our birthday year  – the durational work And on the Thousandth Night… from Culturgest, Lisbon, as part of Tim Etchells | Artist of the City 2014. Over 1482 of you tuned in from all over the world! A special thank you to our partners, the live audience and those of you who kept the conversation going on Twitter.


Alongside the show:

Exeunt Magazine ran a multi-authored, critical writing project responding live.


Facts & Figures:

The show was watched in 35 countries all over the world by 1482 people, including at a festival in New Zealand. Over 1.6 million Twitter impressions were made.


Twitter comments:

The piercing, hear-a-pin-drop ending from Cathy. Lungs expanding, heart beating, brain racing – and STOP. Thanks

Gorge to come home from a day of script development plus rehearsals to find some beautiful simple storytelling going on

OMG found myself in tears in front of the computer. And clapping. That was unexpected. Thanks .

I’m bloody loving