Dear friends and fans of our work.

If you enjoy and value the work of Forced Entertainment, and if you want to help the company and the freelancers it continues to work with, please help us by making a donation.

The current situation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a huge blow to the arts and cultural sector, especially those of us heavily reliant on income from touring and ticket sales.

We are committed to continuing to make our work at the cutting edge of theatre and performance, albeit in different formats and via different means of exchange for the foreseeable future. Our project End Meeting For All was presented in May, and in autumn 2020 we presented Complete Works Table Top Shakespeare: At Home. You can read more about these projects HERE and HERE.

Putting our work online, and creating new work for digital distribution is an essential way for us to connect with people and to respond to the times we are living in. We want to continue with the project of the company, and to maintain and develop the dialogue and exchange we have with audiences and participants in our engagement work.

Our goal is that our programme online is free of charge so that all our audience can engage with it – and we need your support to achieve that and to keep going. 

Thank you, as ever for your support and interest in what we do. It’s hugely appreciated.

Take care

Tim Etchells

For Forced Entertainment

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