Environmental Policy


Forced Entertainment aims to consider the environmental impact of each key area of its operation and develop positive environmental practices to minimise the negative impacts of the company’s activities on the environment.


1. Our impacts

We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our activities, in particular those relating to;

·  Touring; energy use for touring, reduction of carbon emissions, touring patterns, ground transportation.

·  Office; energy use, water use, waste reduction and recycling.

·  Rehearsal space; energy use, water use, waste reduction and recycling.

·  Production; use of materials (local/sustainable/preloved), waste reduction and recycling, repurposing of equipment, set and costume.

·  Communication materials; paper and ink resources, use of energy for storage, downloading, streaming.

·  Office materials; stationery, IT and electronic equipment, furniture, cleaning.

·  Business services; website hosting and banking.


2. Our Goals

·  A target of 10% year on year reduction on total CO2 footprint.

·  To develop and explore environmental impact through our participation work.

·  To help inform others of our findings and recommendations (such as input into Theatre Green Book future additions by co-chairing TGB touring advisory group).

·  To recruit expertise to the board and additional training to existing staff.


3. Monitoring

·  Annual reporting to Julie’s Bicycle.

·  Annual report to the board to monitor the previous year carbon footprint and also the touring and trends over the past 5 years of activity.

·  Record carbon footprint of each individual show / tour to inform the report.

·  Implement suggestions and models of good practice as set out in ‘Theatre Green Book’ alongside our own findings of our most ‘carbon heavy’ activity as reported annually.

·  To check ACE IP’s on a quarterly basis against activity.

·  Update the implementation procedures annually.