FE Recall: No.15 – Tyrone Huggins

Tyrone Huggins FE Recall #1f

False Memory

1986. I recall being invited to what I recollect as a Forced Entertainment rehearsal. I was working the Crucible I remember, performing in Kiss Of The Spider Woman. On 28th October my diary records, “4.30pm Sheldon Row Waxworks [then something indecipherable]” It also chronicles, “Forced Entertainment at Leadmill” – with Leadmill crossed out.

My memory remembered baked beans and congested space. The magnetic tape has archived tomato ketchup and congested space. (Let the Water Run its Course) To the Sea that Made the Promise. Remembrance has trickled through my recall with mis-assigned retention.

I skittered away for a 6.45pm performance call. False memory memorialised

tyrone huggins  associate artist