John on Jessica

John Avery’s soundtrack of Forced Entertainment’s very first show Jessica in the Room of Lights, has been re-released by the appropriately named Belgian label Forced Nostalgia.

Using dialogue, taped voiceover, soundtrack and choreographed action, the performance explores a blurred storyline about a cinema usherette whose real life becomes mixed with films she’s absorbed at work. Moving from the suburbs to the city, Jessica’s story — a failed romance — is retold in contradictory versions as a form of incomplete memory.

John remembers:
“Jessica. Headlights on the ceiling. Was it always dark back then? I remember a suitcase full of torn paper, and water everywhere. I remember that every instrument and tape recorder was either broken when I started Jessica or broken when I finished. The, always too loud, TV next door somehow made its way in there too. Voices in the walls. Headlights on the ceiling. Always dark. Some things never change”.

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