About Participation

Participation for us is about opening-up creative opportunities, developing new ideas and passing on ways of working and thinking that come from our practice. It’s about increasing access to the approaches developed in our artistic work and about learning from people whose experience and skills are new to us.

We look for new and innovative ways of engaging with diverse groups of people often seeking out opportunities to work in areas where arts engagement is low, and often working with young people. We believe that contemporary performance practice provides a unique and valuable means with which to question and inspire and our participation work is an essential part of this.

In all the projects we make and develop, collaboration with partners is essential to reach a broad range of people. Current partners include Theatre Deli, The Element Society and ACCT in Sheffield, the Southbank Centre in London and the British Council.

Our participation work is managed by Imogen Ashby, and we are currently working with the following freelancer workshop leaders and assistants: Alfie Heffer, Sara Marie Jackson, Ethel Maqeda, Soraya Jane Nabipour and Ali Pidsley,

To hear more about our participation work or for more information about any of our projects please contact Imogen imogen@forcedentertainment.com.

We gratefully acknowledge support for our participation work from the following Trusts and Foundations:

This money enables us to create exciting opportunities for young people to engage with the arts.  Find out more about how you can support our work here.