About Participation

Participation for us is about opening up creative opportunities for people outside of the regular company, developing new ideas and passing on the ways of working and thinking that come from our practice. It’s about extending access to approaches developed in our artistic work and about learning from other people whose experience and skills might be new to us.

Our participation projects range from workshops, mentoring and discussions, to ambitious larger scale or ongoing creative projects undertaken in different contexts and with different groups of people.

Forced Entertainment’s performance work is often a starting point in our participation practice but the aim is to go beyond and around it at all opportunities. We are looking for new, innovative ways of engaging with diverse groups of people – working with artists-to-be on professional development as well as using creative work as a way to support people who don’t identify as artists, to think, see and act in the world in new ways. We’ve always believed that art practice, especially in performance, provides a means with which to question and inspire, and we see our participation work is an integral part of this.

In all of the projects we make and develop, collaboration with partners is essential to reach a broader range of participants. Currently we are working with existing and new partners including Theatre Deli and Slate (Eclipse) in Sheffield, SPILL Festival in Ipswich, the Southbank Centre in London, the British Council, Cambridge Junction and the Live Art Development Agency.

The Forced Entertainment Award is supported by us winning the International Ibsen Award 2016.

Our participation work is managed by Imogen Ashby, their email is imogen@forcedentertainment.com.