ACT UP (2018)

Created 2018

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Over an intensive 2-week period in June 2018, Hester Chillingworth, was working with young people from TBAP Academy in Cambridge alongside, professional filmmakers, visual artists and video mappers to create a unique performance piece.

Funded by Cambridge City Council, the project was specifically designed for young people deemed to be at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system.

During the two weeks in June, the project explored how these young people feel they are perceived by: themselves, their friends, their families, and by the adults they encounter.

Through a mixture of video content and live elements the culminating performance was shown on the 28th June 2018, and aimed to give audiences a small glimpse into the lives of these young people by peeling back some of the outer layers to reveal the person underneath.

You can watch You Think You See Us, one of the videos created during the project, by selecting from the video thumbnails.


Those taking part in the project have also been working towards achieving a nationally recognised Arts Award Qualification.