Loud Speakers (2018)

Created 2018

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Loud Speakers is a party, a night out, a dancefloor.
It’s a club, where all the things people say ring strangely familiar in your ears.

Over the course of 10 weeks (from January to April 2018) Hester worked alongside Cambridge Junction and their young company, to devise a show exploring what it means to find your voice, and the struggle to be heard.

Hester Chillingworth and the Junction Young Company talked about music, listened to music, danced to music, gradually building a universe in which all the words people speak to each other are the lyrics of songs. Using long-form improvisation, the group collected a huge pile of material and moments, which they then carved into a bold new performance which talked directly to the audience while whipping up a world, a song, to get lost in.

Junction Young Company (JYC) is an advanced training programme for committed performers aged 14 to 21 that provides an opportunity to work with innovative directors, theatre companies and visiting artists. The Company develop skills in a wide variety of theatrical conventions and styles, culminating in an innovative public performance on the J2 stage.


Images: Claire Haigh