Teachers Workshop – Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home (2020)

Created 2020

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A salt and pepper pot for the king and queen. A vase for the prince. A matchbox for the servant. A kitchen table for a stage. 

In conjunction with COMPLETE WORKS: TABLE TOP SHAKESPEARE: AT HOME, performed on-line from 17 September – 15 November 2020, we ran a number of free interactive online workshop for English and Drama teachers looking for different ways to make Shakespeare’s plays accessible and fun for their students.  The workshop included practical ideas, games and activities to explore plot and character development.

A Unique Educational Resource
Forced Entertainment retell all of Shakespeare’s 36 plays using a table top, household objects and their unique storytelling style. Presented in an accessible, condensed way using simple everyday language, this unique resource will be free for you and your students to watch at a time of your choosing and will provide a jumping off point for studying Shakespeare, storytelling and a variety of drama techniques.


Thank you for a delightful hour of insights about using tabletop theatre ideas to help teachers change things up a bit and give students an opportunity to engage with Shakespeare (and others) in individual ways. Jennifer Gray, Teacher, Nashville