That Night Follows Day

Created 2007

That Night Follows Day is a comical and poignant text by Tim Etchells, artistic director of Forced Entertainment. Written for performers between the ages of 8 and 14, the work explores the ways in which adults’ words and actions shape and influence young people’s experience. Addressing the audience directly, a chorus of children explores and interrogates the range of advice, facts, truisms, white lies and excuses they hear from their elders.

The original version was produced in Dutch with the Flemish company Victoria (now Campo), and toured the world following its premiere in May 2007, making 180 public performances.

That Night Follows Day Rehearsed Readings. Since 2011 Forced Entertainment have been creating a limited series of public rehearsed readings of the work in its original English, as a way of bringing this widely acclaimed text based project to UK partners, participants and audiences in appropriate engagement and participation contexts.

If you would like further information about the rehearsed reading project please contact Eileen Evans, Executive Director at Forced Entertainment –


"...authoritative, passionate, vulnerable and true..."
The Scotsman (on the original production)
"In its simplicity it is the deepest, most profound and purest piece you’ll ever encounter on the relationship between adults and children."
Play Nerd


Writer: Tim Etchells

Rehearsed readings produced by Forced Entertainment

That Night Follows Day was originally commissioned and produced by Campo formerly Victoria (Belgium) in 2007.