A Broadcast/Looping Pieces

Created 2013

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credit: Piet Janssens

A Broadcast / Looping Pieces is an improvised text and performance work by theatre maker, artist and writer Tim Etchells.

The heart of this mesmerising and provocative work is a live remixing of pages from Etchells notebook – a computer document in which, over many years, he has gathered texts of many different kinds. Fragments of overheard conversation, cut-paste quotations direct from newspaper articles and web pages, ideas for performances, rough drafts, and other notes sit side by side in this textual scrapbook. For the performance Etchells selects, intercuts and remixes material from these texts which he has stored away over the years, creating a torrent of language that often loops and repeats on individual lines, editing and re-writing on the fly, creating new dialogues and juxtapositions.

Exploring archive and the processes of writing and gathering, A Broadcast / Looping Pieces is an improvised window on Etchells’ creative process and the extraordinary transformative power of performance itself.

" [a] remarkable experiment, where everything is possible".
Weronika Trojanska


Conceived and performed by Tim Etchells

Produced by Forced Entertainment