Created 2014

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Through 2014 Forced Entertainment made an open call for people to submit texts describing, thinking around, considering, marking or in any way remembering the company’s work in the three decades from its beginning in 1984 to the 30th year of its’ endeavours in 2014. The only rule for these texts was that they be exactly 365 words long. The responses we had were amazing, touching, surprising and a great, intimate tribute to the strength and impact of the company’s work and the lines of connection that are drawn through it. Our thanks are due to everyone – UK and far further afield – that has made the last thirty years possible for us, so worthwhile and so inspiring.

We asked three people who know the company’s work well to make a selection of 30 of the contributions, bringing us to an collection of texts totalling 10,950 words, one word for each day of the groups collective work in the field of contemporary performance. The selections were made by Deborah Chadbourn (founder member of Forced Entertainment and now Executive Director of Arts Admin, London), writer/performance maker Deborah Pearson and artist/director Hester Chillingworth. All the texts were anonymised prior to being sent to the panel.

The selection of texts they picked out, with an introduction from Deborah Chadbourn and a fragmentary afterword by Tim Etchells, can be found and downloaded here.


Our thanks are also due to everyone that contributed to this project – the full collection of texts can be downloaded here.