Created 1999

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In the organised chaos of a car wrecking yard, a man is dying from gunshot wounds, surrounded by a circle of his killers. Developing the language begun in earlier works — Frozen Palaces (1997) and Nightwalks (1998) — the interactive CD-ROM Spin references cinema convention to investigate the way we construct and understand narratives in film and real life.

The central image of Spin is a man’s death held on perpetual pause. The work stages the frozen closing scene of an imaginary movie — a final tableau with many versions that can be examined endlessly, but never escaped. Constructed from the genre clichés of thrillers and film noir, this final face-off is somewhere between punishment killing, drugs-deal-gone-wrong and gangland execution.


Hugo Glendinning / Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment 1999. CD-ROM.