The Voices

Created 2003

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Based on a series of inventive, moving and comical stream-of-consciousness texts by Tim Etchells, The Voices revealed its protagonists through their wishes and desires for the future – from the predictable and the clichéd to the extraordinary and unexpected.

Performed by Forced Entertainment, invited guests, and performers drawn from the area around each venue, The Voices had a total company of 20, making it the company’s largest performance to date. A smaller version of The Voices was made especially for the Prater studio space at Volksbühne, in Berlin.

Parts of The Voices were first developed for Crowd Scan, a radio play for BBC Radio 3’s The Wire. The texts also feature in a number of video pieces by Tim Etchells including Kent Beeson is a Classic & an Absolutely New Thing and My Eyes Were Like the Stars which you can learn about on Tim Etchells website.


Conceived and devised by the company

Performers in Berlin: Robin Arthur, Sonia Augurt , Katie Ewald, Jerry, Killick, Tobias Lange, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Ben Neale, Terry O’Connor, John Rowley, Tori Vazquez

Performers in Glasgow: Robin Arthur, Ewan Cameron, Luke Cavanagh, Helen Gould, Tania Guerreiro, Jerry Killick, Mary Agnes Krell, Tobias Lange, Richard Lowdon, John Macaulay, Claire Marshall, Terry O’Connor, Patricia Preston, Eleanor Rogers, John Rowley, Catherine Stirrat, Carol Turner, J. Simon van der Walt

Performers in Warwick: Robin Arthur, Julie Carson, Nicholas Cooke, Simon Day, Helen Gould, Jerry Killick, Kate Kordel, Mary Agnes Krell, Tobias Lange, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Newrouz Mawlood, Ben Neale, Terry O’Connor, John O’Hanlon, Sabreen Pervaiz, John Rowley, Jon Tipton, Alison Ward

Performers in Sheffield: Paul Allender, Robin Arthur, Kiya Bale, Deborah Davies, Catherine Gooing, Helen Gould, Peter Kennedy, Jerry Killick, Mary Agnes Krell, Alan Lane, Tobias Lange, Richard Lowdon, Katie Mara, Claire Marshall, Sue Morton, Terry O’Connor, Susanne Palzer, John Rowley, Martin Ware

Performers in London: Robin Arthur, Nicholas Cooke, Katie Ewald, Davis Freeman, Helen Gould, Richard Hawley, Wendy Houstoun, Jerry Killick, Tobias Lange, Richard Lowdon, John Macaulay, Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden, Ben Neale, Terry O’Connor, Bruno Roubicek, John Rowley, Tory Vasquez, Alison Ward

Direction Tim Etchells
Text Tim Etchells
Design Richard Lowdon
Lighting Design Nigel Edwards
Soundtrack Found sources
Lighting Design Nigel Edwards

The Voices is a Forced Entertainment production.

Co-produced by Volksbühne (Berlin), Warwick Arts Centre (Coventry), Sheffield Theatres and Tramway (Glasgow).