To Move In Time

Created 2018

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To Move In Time is a monologue written by Tim Etchells for performer Tyrone Huggins, in which an unnamed protagonist speculates playfully and poignantly about what he’d do if he were able to travel backwards and forwards in time.

From fantasies of changing the present via interventions in history, to obsessions with everyday events in the past, to dreaming up ways to get rich from knowledge of the future, the text is an unfolding thought process in which fantasies of impossible or extraordinary action are developed and then abandoned.

An obsessive stream of consciousness, tangled and contradictory, the work combines Etchells’ text with Huggins powerful performance to walk a line between comic absurdity and melancholia.

Etchells’ script is a masterpiece of precise observation and perfectly crafted musicality, moving subtly through love, amusement, anger, frustration and joy

The Herald (Scotland) – on ‘That Night Follows Day’



To Move In Time is a Tim Etchells & Forced Entertainment production, in collaboration with Tyrone Huggins.

Forced Entertainment is an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation.

Image: Vlatka Horvat. And Counting (Five), 2011.
Modified clock, modified wooden rulers. Courtesy the artist.