Years 0 – 20

Created 2004

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Years 0-20 is a playful and provocative essay in photographs and words, combining text from artistic director Tim Etchells and images from photographer Hugo Glendinning, who has collaborated with and documented Forced Entertainment’s work since the group’s creation back in 1984.

Created in 2004, Years 0-20 was a retrospective, reflecting on and celebrating the work created by the company in the 20 years that had elapsed by that point, and exploring the themes and ideas that are still remain so important to Forced Entertainment – the contemporary world, identity, landscape, memory, truth, fiction.

At first the texts and images appear to be a chaotic accumulation of stories, moods, tones, scenes, costumes and events spanning twenty years of the company’s history. Jumping backwards and forwards in time, there’s no clear chronological or logical progression through the pieces. Some images and texts are clear, and detailed, while others are more partial, and resolutely incomplete.

Unfolding from within this fragmented and disjointed assembly, however, is a deeper narrative – an exploration of the personal and group memory of the company and the themes that it has long addressed.


Photographs and Text Hugo Glendinning / Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment 2004.