We're a group of six artists based in Sheffield, UK. Our work is a 35 year collaboration, reinventing theatre to speak about the times we are living in, inspiring audiences across the UK, in Europe and further afield.

About Forced Entertainment
  • End Meeting For All: The Week-After Talk

    End Meeting For All: The Week-After Talk

    Tuesday 19th May 2020 9pm Europe / 8pm UK Join the members of Forced Entertainment on Zoom for a live moderated discussion about their online lockdown project End Meeting for All.

  • End Meeting For All

    End Meeting For All

    A new fragmentary online work in three short episodes.

  • 2020 award announcement

    2020 award announcement

    We are delighted to announce the 2020 recipient of the Forced Entertainment Award (in memory of Huw Chadbourn).

  • Covid-19 update

    Covid-19 update

    We hope that you and the people important to you are finding ways to say safe and support each other in these tricky times.

  • Empty Stages

    Empty Stages

    We're posting daily images from Tim Etchells' ongoing collaboration with Hugo Glendinning over on instagram

  • Selina Thompson's FE award Round Up

    Selina Thompson's FE award Round Up

    Selina Thompson gives her reflections on the year as the second recipient of the FE Award (in memory of Huw Chadbourn)

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