We're a group of six artists based in Sheffield, UK. Our work is a 35 year collaboration, reinventing theatre to speak about the times we are living in, inspiring audiences across the UK, in Europe and further afield.

About Forced Entertainment
  • Another Route

    Another Route

    We are seeking artists to be part of the Another Route fellowship – a unique opportunity for a group of England-based performance makers to internationalise their creative practice through events and residencies taking place across the world.

  • Heartbreaking Final

    Heartbreaking Final

    Heartbreaking Final is a new work from Artistic Director Tim Etchells and Aisha Orazbayeva

  • How the Time Goes

    How the Time Goes

    A new fragmentary multi-episode video-performance, presented here on 23rd June 2021 as an unbroken 5 and a quarter hour long broadcast. Emerging from the delirious limbo of lockdown it features the core group of the company in improvised Zoom-interactions.

  • Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home

    Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home

    Forced Entertainment’s audacious project to tell each of Shakespeare’s 36 plays with a single performer, a collection of household objects and a table top is restaged in this unique ‘at home’ edition.

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