Table Stories

Created 2021

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It’s been an extraordinary experience, one of those pinch me moments, honestly, it’s been so incredibly rich. Artist (Sri Lanka)


Influenced by our performance of Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare, Table Stories is an opportunity for artists and participants to make their own table performance from a story found or created. Through a series of workshops (online or in person), we will introduce participants to the key approaches to making a table top performance and work to create a cast from everyday objects, develop a plot line and ‘perform’ them on a miniature stage with a non-human cast.

To date we have developed this work with young people in Sheffield working in school and community settings and with teachers nationally and internationally through our online workshops. We have worked with women and queer identifying artists internationally through our British Council supported project with Floating Space Theatre Company (Sri Lanka) and Katha Ghera (Nepal).

These workshops accommodate all levels of performance confidence – introversion is as powerful as extroversion here – as the focus is on the objects and building a careful relationship with them, rather than any ‘stepping into the limelight’.

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