Table Stories – Nepal and Sri Lanka (2021)

Created 2021

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The beginning of a new month, of a new year, so much hope after the pandemic. It was something I was looking forward to as an escape, to ground me in this turbulent time. Artist (Nepal)


Forced Entertainment was commissioned by the British Council to lead Table Stories, a collaborative project with artists from Sri Lanka and Nepal.  Using the principles and approaches of Complete Works, the project explored the possibilities of the table top performance based on a story chosen by the artist.


Working with two partner organisations, Katha Ghera (Nepal) and Floating Space (Sri Lanka) 12 women and queer identifying artists were recruited through an open call out and supported with a bursary to take part in a month long workshop / mentoring programme via zoom. Terry, Cathy and Imogen ran the project which culminated in a sharing of work in progress at the end of January 2021

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