How We Work

Combining discussion, improvisation and writing, our rehearsal process is a creative laboratory that discovers unexpected and inspiring answers to questions of life and art – a process that is considered exemplary in the field of contemporary performance and studied as a model of outstanding good-practice across the world.

As six people who have worked together more or less continually for 30 years we share a big history and a lot of skills, conversations and ideas. We also share input into and responsibility for the work we produce.

Since we like new ideas and approaches we often invite high-quality key collaborators to help realise our work; and our projects also involve the input of younger, less well-established artists, joining our work at the same time as developing their own skills.

With a few exceptions we don’t work with a ready-made text so making a show starts with us in a rehearsal room – discussing ideas, raiding the dressing-up box, trying a line of dialogue, playing a soundtrack, improvising a scene until something starts to stick. Then we keep developing the material – we experiment with it, debate it, videotape it, watch it, adapt and edit it before trying it on an audience which can open up a whole new set of questions.

Find out more about how we work in our Notebook section. Watch an extract from our DVD Making Performance – the full video is available to buy in our Shop.