Table Stories

Created 2018

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This workshop accompanies our touring project Complete Works: Tabletop Shakespeare.

Table Stories takes participants from thinking together about the rudimentary building blocks of stories, through to creating their own stop-motion animated film which they can take away with them.

In the process, participants will explore what it is to cast characters meaningfully from a collection of inanimate objects, as well as playing with and refining the craft of object choreography, positioning bodies in space to create a narrative on stage. The technique of tabletop storytelling with objects, is one in which all participants can see themselves represented on the miniature stage by the non-human cast.

It also comfortably accommodates all levels of performance confidence – introversion is as powerful as extroversion here – as the focus is on the objects and building a careful relationship with them, rather than any ‘stepping into the limelight’.

This workshop uses the thinking and practice at the core of Complete Works, while offering a quick and accessible way-in to the work, unhooked from Shakespeare, with a tangible, take-away output.

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